Free Spirit
La Femme au Chapeau (Woman In Hat)
Clair Voyant
Eudora, The Sea Nymph
Galene, The Sea Nymph
Agave, The Sea Nymph
The Conch Pirate
Euterpe, The Muse of Music
Pronoe, The Sea Nymph
The Key West Time Travelers
Amphitrite, Wife Of Poseidon
Lemonade In Key West
Christina, Queen Of Sweden
Clymene, The Sea Nymph
Doto, The Sea Nymph
Polynoe, The Sea Nymph
The Goddess Of Time
Let's Talk About Art
Cover Girl
Elizabeth Defeats The Armada
Thetis, The Sea Nymph
Doris, The Sea Nymph
Erato, The Sea Nymph
The Mad Bankers
The Jester
Opis, The Sea Nymph
Homage To Magritte I
Homage To Magritte II
Homage To Magritte III
Tristan & Iseult
Nullum Magnum Ingenium Sine Mixtura Dementiae
Tempus Omnia Sed Memorias Privat
Aura Popularis
Passion For Fashion
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Anne Boleyn
King Charles I
Flora - The Goddess Of Flowers
Homage to Da Vinci
The Fall Of Icarus
Munit Haec et Altera Vincit
Tempus Edax Rerum (Time Is the Devourer of Things)
Anne McKee
Bonum Amici (Good Friends)
The Four Bullets
The 1913 Key West Alphabet - Letter W
A Bene Placito (At One’s Pleasure) I
A Bene Placito (At One’s Pleasure) II
Tropical Chess
Homage to Beethoven
Trident II
Homage To the Survival of Cancer
The Spy
The Three Fates I
The Three Fates II
Homage to Degas
The Birth of Venus
She Knows
The Proposal II
At The Moulin Rouge
Swept Away
The Green Pearls
The Masks We Wear
Queen Elizabeth I - Vol. II
Turn The Page
Six Degrees of Separation
Prae Dulcis II
The Three Jokers
Around the Maypole
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