"Tempus Fugit (Time Flies) Suite: Vol. XXXIX" Acrylic, Ink, Gold Leaf, Wedding Rings, Antique Clock & Watch Parts (springs, dials, bezels, hands, gears, cogs, etc) c.late 1800s to early 1900s, Antique Sheet Music c.1890s, Painted Feathers (Butterflies), Antique Skeleton Keys c.1800s, Glossy Epoxy Archival ArtResin Glaze (shines like glass), On Canvas, 

44 x 21 x 4"  SOLD

Tempus Fugit #39 was a very special commission. I was given the wedding rings of my dear childhood neighbors, Joanne and Willie. Their family’s large backyard connected with ours and I had free reign to build tree houses, pick apples, pears, and cherries; and conquer sledding paths and snow forts in winter. Aside from being wonderful people who encouraged my creativity with craft projects and an unlimited supplies of balloons and bubbles, they were very much like family. Willie is sadly no longer with us, and he will be greatly missed. When Joanne reached out with the request to create a Time Flies piece with their wedding rings, and other various precious personal items of her family and pets, I was beyond honored to be assigned the creative meaningful task. Joanne is loving her new artwork in her new home and life in North Carolina, and it means so much as an artist to encapsulate such meaningful materials into something beautiful to enjoy. I am so very thankful and grateful for the opportunity.

Detailed images:

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